Above The Line

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ABOVE THE LINE (ATL) is an advertising technique using mass media to promote brands. Major above-the-line technique includes TV and radio advertising, web and Internet banner ads. This type of communication is conventional in nature and is considered impersonal to customers. It differs from Below The Line, that believes in unconventional brand-building strategies, such as direct mail and printed media.

How you represent your company to the market place affects the type and amount of business you will attract. We can help you shape and define the most impressive profile for your business through print advertising and related services. From image advertising, mail order, black & white to color, we never forget that even the smallest ad we prepare for your company speaks volumes about your organization and ours.

We know concept is the underlying creative idea that drives your message. Even in a big ad campaign, the concept will typically remain the same from one ad to another and from one medium to another. Only the execution of that concept will change. So, by developing a concept that is effective and powerful, we will open the door to successful and effective print advertising.